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Houston Medicare Help

Houston Medicare Help provides education, free consultation and competitively priced Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans to seniors in the Houston area.  Whether you are approaching 65, already have Medicare, or have a parent who will soon be eligible we can help you understand all the options available so that you choose the very best Medicare plan for your situation. 

Easy to understand articles about Medicare. Whether it's the basics of how to apply for Medicare or the pros and cons of a Medicare Supplement plan you will find those articles to help you better understand all the Medicare options availalble. 

Free Medicare Consultations in Houston. We provide free consultations to give you a firm understanding of your options so you can make the best decision for your situations and save some money in the process.

Competitive Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans in Houston. Finding an affordable plans is the goal but we also view other metrics like AM Best rating, years in the market and past rate increases to ensure you are getting a solid plan. 

Local help with Medicare.  Born in Baytown, currently living in Clear Lake I am committed to helping  seniors. The goal is to assist 100 Houston seniors with their Medicare needs this year no matter how big or small. 

Nick Bryant

Houston Medicare Help 

About Nick 

Nick has 11+ years of experience connecting clients to healthcare services in the Houston area. As the creator of Houston Case Managers, he is now shifting his focus to helping those needing assistance with navigating Medicare benefits. He is compassionate, but also believes in "straight talk" with the ultimate goal of providing you with unbiased information so that you understand all your Medicare options and can make the best decision for your situation.   

Houston Medicare Help is not connected with or endorsed by the United States government or federal Medicare program.