About Houston Medicare Help 


What Houston Medicare Help can do for you?

Houston Medicare Help provides Medicare beneficiaries and their families with easy to understand mini-courses to help you understand Medicare, free consultations, and competitively priced Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans. 


Who I Am?

I’m Nick Bryant and I’m a local insurance agent who was born (Baytown) and raised (Third Ward) in the Houston area. I specialize in helping Houston seniors connect to Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans that fit their specific needs.



Why listen to me?

I’m an insurance agent who also has 11+ years of connecting clients to psychiatric and health care providers.

I pride myself on being a great listener and striving to not only provide my clients with solutions to help their immediate problems but also anticipating future issues and providing guidance in those areas as well. 

In addition, I also run a Houston community resource website called Houston Case Managers that is read by 12,000 people per month. 

How can I help you?

Enough about me though, you came here for help regarding Medicare and I want to help you. Whether you need to better understand the difference between a Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage Plan or simply need to help a parent enroll in Medicare I am here to help you every step of the way and answer your questions!